Learning is hard – and it’s not your fault

“Learning should be easy”. This seems to be the plaintive cry of many in the talent and learning industries.  The thought process appears to be: Learning is (self-evidently) a “good thing” People should, therefore, want to do it They are not, so there must be some problem It must be because something (or someone) is […]

It’s been emotional. Good.

I’m just reading Learn or Die, by Edward Hess.  A dramatic title, but it’s a hugely well researched book with a bunch of great case studies that really bring to life the author’s central idea: that learning is vital to organisational success and that it can be made to happen, through a combination of leadership […]

Advice to L&D teams: sleep on it.

Recently I had the great pleasure of watching Horizon’s programme on sleep, presented by Michael Mosley (here it is if you are a UK based TV licence payer – well worth the time). There are all sorts of amazing and beautiful insights into how sleep works, including the MRI scans that show, for the first time, […]

Learning is a rational process…right…?

Human beings generally love to think they are rational. Especially when it comes to learning. After all, what could be more rational than the pursuit of knowledge, insight and carefully constructed new skills – the definitive act of enlightened, rational humanity. And so people approach the creation and delivery of learning programmes in that light. This is why […]

The Learning Canvas

In early April 2022 I will be formally launching The Learning Canvas. The Learning Canvas is a practical tool I have been developing and testing over the last 4 years. It has helped me to help clients in two ways: to design learning programmes holistically to maximise success to generate credible return-on-investment analysis The Learning […]

How learning beats clever

In the first of this series of short articles, I outline a key book or article that has shaped my thinking on learning at work, and show how it informs my work with clients on how to create the most effective learning and alignment programmes they can. This article is on The Secret of Our Success by […]