Through Studio 3 Advisory, Ben Rowland can help you design and deliver one or both of these two connected outcomes:

  1. Learning programmes that make a tangible
    difference to the capability of your people
  2. Innovation that your team believes in and that works
Ben Rowland

Ben has learned a lot in his varied career that equips him well to help you.  He has set up a number of ventures – most successful, but not all.  He has worked for organisations large and small, government, for-profit and not-for-profit.  He has particular expertise in learning, public service delivery and early stage business growth.

The two things that have run through all of Ben’s work is the expansion of human capability and helping people approach new ways of doing things with focus, humility and determination.

Ben has developed the Learning Canvas, a powerful, comprehensive but simple collaborative tool to create learning and change programmes that work and have a real impact.
The Learning Canvas captures the 7 key building blocks for effective, transformational learning and change: intent & impact, participant insight, the personal journey, neuroscience-led learning design, practice & integration, social context and organisational alignment.

"The most significant moments of learning for me have been..."

Being a leader on 13 summer camps over a 6 year period for disadvantaged teenagers from East London through Toynbee Hall, where I learned about the human spirit and what poverty is.

Setting up, running, growing and then selling RSe Consulting; I learned how to run a business and how to challenge a market. I learned the value of your team and of learning.

Setting up Services Against Financial Exclusion at Toynbee Hall, where I learned that when belief is combined with attention to detail you can transform an industry.

As a Board member and later Chair of Trustees at Toynbee Hall, I learned that creating environments in which people’s best energy can flow generates far more success than trying to get them to align to a particular model.

Setting up Arch Apprentices, the first white collar, blue-chip focused apprenticeship programme in the UK; I learned about learning – what really makes it work and ‘sing’ for the person going through the learning experience and for the organisation they are working for.

Researching how human beings really learn: a fascinating and ongoing journey of discovery into the relatively new and tender branch of applied psychology, learning neuroscience.

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